Keep your copper tape tidy!

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Keep that copper tape tidy!

If you have ever used copper tape with kids, you know what a rat's nest it can become very quickly.  o one wants to spend time trying to salvage and use the messy parts!  So, use this trick to keep your copper tape in line!


Materials needed:

  • 2 pieces of cardboard that will fit in the baggie with hole in the middle

  • Baggie that will fit copper tape roll

  • Brass fastener

  • Copper Tape


First, set the tape on the back piece of cardboard and take off the plastic covering. If you try to do this without setting it down, it can spring apart and is tough to roll back up and keep tidy!

tape holder remove plastic

Lay the top piece on the tape and make a copper sandwich. Push the fastener through the holes and spread the ends out on the back.

tape holder side view

Put the cardboard copper sandwich into a baggie with the end of the tape feeding out one side.

tape holder

Voila! A copper tape dispenser! Zip the top and pull out what you need. Always leave a tab feeding out to grab next time.

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