About Us

The Imagination Toolbox was started to help teachers find the resources they need to bring Design Thinking and STE(A)M to their students in an affordable way.  As a teacher, I have done many student projects and teacher training,  and I have found a gap where teachers who are just stretching their maker legs struggle to find projects to do to meet standards and supplies to do those projects.  I am hoping to help fill that gap by providing aligned projects and the supplies for those projects in a cost effective way.  

About Me

I am Caty Wolfe.  I am a mother, teacher, creator, and maker. My day job is teaching an academically-integrated, career-based program for sophomores at a technical center in Vermont. I have one group of students all day all year, which allows students to dig deeply to fully engage in projects and to reprogram their systemized brains out of the habit of book work and tests and into the habit of observation and iteration. Over the year, we use design thinking and product development as a vehicle for our academic studies. I try to engage students with understanding how their brains work, instruct them with empathy in mind, and teach them technology skills and how to be safe and responsible in our ever changing world. I am constantly learning and trying new things to be able to reach my students in the world they engage with every day.

Personally, outside of my classroom, I am passionate about food and gardening. When not tinkering, you will find me up to my elbows in weeds and soil. My more recent passion, though, is electronics and making. I have taught many workshops bringing making to teachers, students, and the community at large. I am a member at our local maker space, The Generator, and have taught classes. I volunteer time at my local elementary school for MakerTime, an after school program for third through sixth graders. I have presented, with and without my students, at our state-wide educational technology conference, Dynamic Landscapes. I also work with Create Make Learn to help educators find their inner maker. I am passionate about teaching design thinking and making, using creativity to solve problems, and my own creating and making!

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