Glowing Paper Lanterns

Using paper circuits is a great way to make lanterns glow!  This is an easy paper craft project with entry-level paper circuits.

    Materials Needed:

    • Printer Paper
    • Cardstock Paper
    • Tape or glue
    • Scissors
    • Copper Tape
    • Button Battery
    • Battery Holder (from template)
    • 5mm LED
    • Star Lantern template.


    Using a hole puncher can add interest by creating shapes for the light to emit.  I found some star shaped hole punchers that my students love to use!

    If you are not familiar with folding copper tape, you want to make sure there are as few wrinkles as possible to ensure good connectivity.  My mother taught me to make my bed with hospital corners and this is very similar.  Fold the tape back on itself, pinch one corner and then fold it to turn the corner.

    Diffused LEDs aren't nearly as bright as the clear directional ones.

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